Imodigi the APP for the Real Estate Sector

The most complete APP on the market for Real Estate Agents

Join the consultants and Real Estate Agencies that use the Imodigi platform as a solution, to take a step forward in the future of real estate digital communication.

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Key in Hand

Instant access to a personalized APP with your name and logo, offering a better experience to those looking for your properties.

Increase your Audience

Benefit from better results in search engines, increasing the visibility of your properties and business opportunities.

Automatic Integration

Consultation of privileged information in real time of additional configurations according to your needs, through an Intelligent Panel.

Imodigi is the APP that facilitates communication between Real Estate Agents and their clients

Why use Imodigi?

Imodigi is a digital platform capable of adapting to you and to different solutions, providing a simple and scalable integration. APP Imodigi makes your business more efficient, innovating the form of communication between Real Estate Agents and their clients, thus generating more business opportunities.

How can we help?

How can we help?

Our focus is on the needs of Real Estate Agents, in order to have more efficient solutions and their brand valued in the market in each business they do, optimizing the communication of their properties. For this, we created intelligent software that allows you to use our platform or a combination of third-party solutions at the same time. We do not believe in competition, but in efficiency.

An efficient and professional solution

Imodigi creates a Personalized APP integrating in its technology the Progressive Web Applications, innovating the process of doing business.

An efficient and professional solution

Greater Interaction

In real time, send quick messages to your users or advertise new properties that you want to highlight.

Offline Access

Allows consultation of favorite properties or properties saved by users even without internet.

Great for SEO

It improves the user experience and this positively influences the algorithm in search engines.

Quick access

Your customer accesses the APP via QR-Code or typing the custom domain in the browser.

Your Properties just a click away

The new way of communicating in digital

Keep your business just a click away
and increase your business opportunities.

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